All violetgrass locations

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All violetgrass locations

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All Violetgrass locations in Genshin Impact – Sportskeeda

Genshin Impact: All Violetgrass locations in Liyue 1) Wuwang Hill Violetgrass location in Wuwang Hill and Qingce Village (Image via Genshin Impact) The first location where players can find…

1) 19 Violetgrass in Wuwang Hill Violetgrass in Wuwang Hill (Image via Interactive Map) Gamers can start by searching for Violetgrass in Wuwang Hill on the north side of Liyue. Take advantage of…

Genshin Impact Violetgrass Location Guide – TheGamer

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There are several clusters of violetgrass all around these cliffs, as well as the crop of cliffs between Qingyun Peak and Mt. Hulao. Mt. Tianheng Just west of Liyue Harbor is a great place to glide around. There are crops of violetgrass on the west side of Mt. Tianberg.

All Violetgrass Locations; Mingyun Village: Sal Terrae: Huaguang Stone Forest: The Chasm Surface: Bishui Plains: Lisha Area: Luhua Pool: Qingce Village

FAQ all violetgrass locations

Where can I find violetgrass in HGSS?

Location. Violetgrass is found within the Liyue region, usually hanging from the sides of mountains. The NPC Mengmeng, found near the Statue of The Seven at Bishui Plain (Dihua Marsh), gives 5 Violetgrass after speaking to her for the first time.

Where can I find violetgrass in Destiny 2?

The best spot to gather up some Violetgrass is on the Wuwang Hill. From the teleport waypoint, head northeast a bit until you come to a cliff. What makes Violetgrass tricky to find at first is that it actually grows on the side of the cliff itself, so you will need to climb up and find a plant sprouting out of the rock to collect it.

How many violetgrass are there in liyue?

This plant is not rare to look at as there are 169 Violetgrass scattered in Liyue. Unfortunately, most of them are on top of a cliff, so players need to be careful when picking it up.

Where to find violetgrass in Genshin Impact's liyue?

Minlin has the most Violetgrass in Genshin Impact's Liyue. Players can start from the north of Mt. Aocang, move to the northeast of Jueyun Karst, and stop at Jingyun Peak. This site will require a lot of sprinting and climbing, so gamers are recommended to use characters that can reduce stamina consumption and consume dishes with the same effect.

Violetgrass Locations – Fast and Efficient – Ascension Materials -【Genshin Impact】

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