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Etymology and related terms. Sanskrit (ब्रह्मन्) Brahman (an n-stem, nominative bráhma, from a root bṛh-"to swell, expand, grow, enlarge") is a neuter noun to be distinguished from the masculine brahmán —denoting a person associated with Brahman, and from Brahmā, the creator God in the Hindu Trinity, the Trimurti. Brahman is thus a gender-neutral concept that implies greater …

The Brahman breed’s development is an unparalleled success story. With improved growth and performance, Brahman cattle increase profitability and enhance herd performance. Why Brahman. A Rich History and Heritage. As the first beef breed developed in the U.S., Brahman cattle are the common thread connecting other American breeds developed in the last century. Breed History. …

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The Brahmans are divided into 10 main territorial divisions, five of which are associated with the north and five with the south. The northern group consists of Sarasvati, Gauda, Kannauj, Maithil, and Utkal Brahmans, and the southern group comprises Maharashtra, Andhra, Dravida, Karnata, and Malabar Brahmans. See also varna.

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