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Brianna lopez grave

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Brianna Lopez’ story: Brianna was beaten and sexually …

Even after her death, the Lopez family caged her grave to discourage people from grieving at the location. Brianna Lopez was beaten, sexually abused, bitten, and tortured. Brianna Lopez’s life changed when she entered the trailer owned by her parents. Almost immediately, the people supposed to be her caregivers shouted, kicked, and punched her.

Brianna Lopez was buried in a pauper’s grave in Doña Ana Cemetery. Nobody claimed her body, and her funeral was paid for by strangers. Dozens, if not hundreds of people came by, leaving flowers and other mementos. After awhile, her family put a locked cage around her grave to keep people away.

Brianna Mariah Lopez (2002-2002) – Find a Grave Memorial

Official Site:

Brianna Mariah Lopez. Brianna was a victim of child abuse. A young life taken far too soon. Born on Valentine’s Day, she died at 5 months 5 days. In 2005, Senate …

Her grave become a memorial site and was decorated with dozens of flowers and toys. In a disgusting end to a tragic case, Brianna’s family didn’t …

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What happened to Brianna Lopez?

In a disgusting end to a tragic case, Brianna’s family didn’t approve of the compassion by the community and placed a cage around little Brianna’s grave so that nobody could show how loved she was, even after death. No photograph of Brianna Lopez alive exists.

How old would baby Brianna Lopez be now?

Brianna Lopez would have turned 18 years old on Feb. 14, 2020. Affectionately known as Baby Brianna, she was tragically killed July 19, 2002, just five months after she was born, having been beaten and sexually abused by her father and uncle. It's considered one of the worst child abuse cases in New Mexico.

Are New Mexico’s hands ties to Brianna Lopez?

Her up-coming release has sparked outrage on a global scale. However, the New Mexico parole board has stated that, essentially, their hands are tied. The murder of Baby Brianna Lopez is known as, “the most horrific case of child abuse in U.S. History”. Baby Brianna was born on Valentines day in 2002 in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

How old was baby Brianna when she died?

Baby Brianna was born on Valentines day in 2002 in Las Cruces, New Mexico. She died at the age of five-months and five days old, on July 19, 2002 at the hands of her mother Stephanie Lopez, her father,Andy Walters, and her uncle,Steven Lopez, due to severe child abuse.

Baby Brianna Gravesite Gets Memorial – News Story

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