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Coming soon status

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What is “Coming Soon” Status and Why Is It Important for …

The National Association of Realtors has attempted to assist realtors and has enforced Clear Cooperation Policy 8.0, which allows MLS to have specific considerations for their members. As a result, some MLS have voted to include a “Coming Soon” status on some property listings. This change can have positive effects for members’ MLS activities.

The Bright Coming Soon status is available to give you a way to pre-market your listing, while you prepare it for showings and a full on-market status. If you want to market a property and adhere to the new Off-MLS policy, the Coming Soon status is a great option. The rules around the status itself are pretty simple.

Coming Soon Status Definition | Law Insider

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Coming Soon Status means an MLSstatusavailable for usewith premises inall property types, prior to the premisesbeing officially listedon the MLS for sale or lease. See Section8.25 for rulesassociated withthis status. Sample 1 Sample 2 Based on 2 documents2 Save Copy Remove Advertising Examples of Coming Soon Statusin a sentence

Coming Soon listings are automatically changed to Active status, unless the listing Participant changes the status earlier. If the property is not ready for showing within ten (10) calendar days, what do I need to do? The listing Participant must change the status to Withdrawn until it is ready for showing.

FAQ coming soon status

What is “coming soon” status?

What is “Coming Soon” Status? In line with the Clear Cooperation Policy 8.0, some MLS have included “Coming Soon” status for listings in their MLS. In most cases, this status will be in effect from May, 2020. By definition, this is a status that allows members to pre-post a property on the MLS, market it, and accept offers.

What are properties in the coming soon status?

WHAT ARE THEY? Properties in the Coming Soon status are listings that are getting ready to be shown, but are not available for showing appointments yet. Properties must have a listing agreement. The seller must agree to not allow showings while the listing is in the Coming Soon Status. No agreement of sale is currently in effect.

How do I add coming soon to my status?

Type Coming Soon in the Status field or click the magnifying glass, select it from the list, and click Save. If you choose Coming Soon, the system will flag the On Market Date field as a required field.

Can I show my listing in the coming soon status?

The seller must agree to not allow showings while the listing is in the Coming Soon Status. No agreement of sale is currently in effect. This listing has not yet been on the market but will be on the market soon. Listings are limited to 21 days in the Coming Soon status for listings with an occupancy or equivalent permit.

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