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Doost farsi

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Doost Dashtani Song Download: Doost Dashtani MP3 …

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Doost Midari – Zirnevis Farsi More Details Tolga is a young actor at the peak of his fame but unsatisfied, while Asya is a clerk working in a shopping mall who dreams of studying at university.

2 Doost – 06 – IRTV24

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FAQ doost farsi

How to say ‘friend’ in Farsi?

Farsi has a number of words for ‘friend’ — دوست (dust), the common and colloquial one, رفیق (rafigh), the formal Arabic loanword, and یار (yar) the archaic word. For each of these, you can use an ezafe construction to say ‘my friend’ (or literally, ‘friend of me’). In formal constructions, this is:

Is'azizam''Joon'how you call your friend in Persian?

This word is commonly used. Is 'azizam' 'joon' how you call your friend in Persian? Azizam (عزیزم) is usually used to address a close/intimate female friend, relative or partner, and male ones if you're female yourself. But some males also do use it to address their male counterparts of above anyway.

How do you say big man in Persian?

Aziz-am which means darling is better but it's mostly in a conversation with the opposite sex or with children. Basically if you want to call out your Persian homie just say Daadaash (Bro) or Haaji (No Literal Translation But Lets Just Say "Big Man") Again don't use this when you're talking to a female or someone older then you

Iranian Movie Do Doost | فیلم کمدی ایرانی دو دوست | سحر قریشی، الهام حمیدی

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