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Purvi Jayaaraaj – YouTube

Dr Purvi Jayaaraaj Ph.D. (Alternative Medicine), Ph.D. (Integrative Medicine), Doctor of Alternative Medicine Founder – Samrruddhi Healing Centre and Institute for Drugless Therapy Dr Purvi was born in Bangalore, Karnataka. She has done her MDAM – Doctor of Medicine in Alternative Medicine and Ph.D. in Alternative Medicine.

In this episode, the host is renowned Dr. Purvi Jayaraj from Samrruddhi Healing Center & Institute For Drugless Therapy. Watch latest updates on the most discussed incidents of the day from various…

Dr. Purvi Jayaaraaj | Samrruddhi

Official Site: https://www.samrruddhi.in/purvi-jayaaraaj/

– Dr. Purvi Jayaaraaj "Any sort of change that we want outside us must first take place within us and this is possible by using our own MIND and God gifted ENERGY that is available in abundance for our use in the Universe" Drugless Therapist & Holistic Healer Welcome to Holistic Healing Healing Center & Institute for Drugless Therapy

Dr Purvi Jayaaraaj is a Doctor of Alternative Medicine, she is a Subconscious Mind and Energy expert. Founder of Samrruddhi Healing Center & Institute for Drugless Therapy. She is an…

Dr. Purvi Jayaaraaj

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