Irune: book of plenix

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Irune: book of plenix

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Irune: Book of Plenix | Mass Effect Wiki | Fandom

A volus on the Citadel needs the Book of Plenix to inspire his people. Recover it from Irune and return it to him in the Presidium Commons. Alternative journal entry: The Book of Pleni…

Prerequisite: Priority: Palaven Listen to the volus standing next to the Elkoss Combine Arsenal Supplies kiosk to the left of the bank podium in the Presidium Commons. If, for some reason, you …

Mass Effect 3: How To Get The Irune: Book Of Plenix

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FAQ irune: book of plenix

How do I get the book from Irune?

Irune is a planet in the Aethon Cluster. This system doesn't appear until you've advanced to a certain point in the main story (I believe after Tuchanka). Once you're able to travel there, you want to head to the Aru system (default from the relay). There you will be able to scan Irune to recover the book after pinging the planet.

Where can I find the Book of Plenix?

The Book of Plenix was recovered from the volus homeworld, Irune. Find someone on the Citadel who can use it. Listen to the volus standing next to the Elkoss Combine Arsenal Supplies kiosk to the left of the bank podium in the Presidium Commons.

Why is the Book of Plenix so important?

By avoiding the conversation, you miss out on why the book is important, but it's your choice. As the quest suggests, the Book of Plenix is located on Irune, the volus' homeworld - one of many things to know about the species. To reach the world, you need to enter the Aru System in the Aethon Cluster.

What is the Book of Plenix in Mass Effect 3?

Irune: Book of Plenix is a Side Mission in Mass Effect 3. Irune: Book of Plenix is about retrieving a book for a Volus on the Citadel.

Mass Effect 3 – Irune: Book of Plenix

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