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graysons projects | Wikitubia | Fandom

graysons projects is an American YouTuber who makes various videos about travel vlogs, fashion, Formula 1 racing and illustration videos. As of 2020, she has started to create videos about the Tiktok community and YouTube drama. Her first video was a vlog of her in Kansas, and she would also make vlogs abo…

Her first video was a vlog of her in Kansa…
On December 23, 2020, she uploaded the video "why is nobody talking about this a

Graysons Projects – A Trans Woman’s Perspective on …

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FAQ is graysons projects trans

Who is Graysons projects?

Social media star and content creator who is best recognized for the vlogs and commentary and comedy videos they post to their graysons projects YouTube channel. They have accumulated over 270,000 subscribers on the platform. They launched their YouTube channel in March 2020.

What was it like to have a full English with Grayson?

There I was, just out of jail, having a full English with Grayson, with his glitter on, in a very steamy motorway cafe. Grayson was intrigued by what it was like to go from being a cabinet minister to a prisoner. But his ideas were a little wide of the mark.

Why do we still sit for Grayson?

There’s much more awareness now, but sitting for Grayson still felt an important thing to do: seeing people like yourself in the media is the only way you know you’re not alone. I can still see him sitting in my room, drawing me.

How did Grayson find me when I came out?

I came out as trans two years ago, at 23. I told my friends and my mum, and after I started taking testosterone I began making YouTube videos, documenting my transition. That’s how Grayson found me. When they got in touch, I thought it must be fake: I wasn’t sure who he was. Then I looked him up and was like, “Oh, him !”

gender, hate comments and transphobia | IFTH #3

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