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John paul and george hollyoaks

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John Paul McQueen – Hollyoaks Wiki

John Paul suspects that George is cheating on him and ends up meeting George’s ex boyfriend known as Dean Vickers whom tells John Paul he wants Goerge back as Geroge has taken everything from him this leaves John Paul confused but he warns off Dean to stay away from him and George. John Paul was often warn…

John Paul Logan McQueen is the son of Myra McQueen and Sally St. Claire, the adoptive son of Ricky Boland, the half-brother of Niall Rafferty, Tina Reilly, Carmel Valentine, Jacqu…

John Paul Asks George for Another Chance | Hollyoaks

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FAQ john paul and george hollyoaks

Who is John Paul in Hollyoaks and how did they meet?

John Paul and George had met when George was called to Hollyoaks High School, where teacher Nancy Osborne had been stabbed by a gangster. George become a key part of the investigation into the county lines drug dealing, and was placed at the school in an attempt to lower the risk of dealing at the school.

Who is John Paul McQueen in Hollyoaks and is he abusive?

John Paul McQueen ( James Sutton) is seemingly forced to face the truth about abusive boyfriend George Kiss (Callum Kerr) in upcoming Hollyoaks scenes. John Paul has been suffering at George’s hands for months.

Who is George Kiss in Hollyoaks?

Beaten with a bookend by Sally St. Claire in defence of Theresa McQueen. Police Constable George Kiss was a police constable who dated John Paul McQueen. John Paul and George had met when George was called to Hollyoaks High School, where teacher Nancy Osborne had been stabbed by a gangster.

How does John Paul come out to his classmates?

John Paul comes out to his classmates. However, following this event, during a 5-a-side football practice with Sonny and Craig, John Paul is teased and bullied by Craig, who eventually attacks John Paul physically. John Paul punches Craig and, after a violent threat to anyone else who wishes to bully him, runs off.

John Paul Sees George for Who He Really Is | Hollyoaks

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