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Kadara mass effect

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Kadara – Mass Effect Wiki

Architect Husk: Kadara
Note: This anomaly is available after completing Old Skinner. DATA: Classification: Enemy (decommissioned) Origin: Andromeda (Kadara) ANALYSIS: This Remnant Architect’s programming directives have been interrupted. It is in an o…

A mountainous world originally settl…
A mountainous world originally settl…

Settling Kadara – Mass Effect Wiki

Official Site: https://masseffect.fandom.com/wiki/Settling_Kadara



FAQ kadara mass effect

How to use the Kadara map in Mass Effect Andromeda?

Map of the surface of the planet Kadara, Kadara Port and Kadara Slums - Mass Effect: Andromeda. This map is interactive. Use mouse/roller + ctrl key or mobile device gestures to move or resize it. Tap or mouse over map markers for more info. An alphabetical list of missions that begin on this map.

What is the finish at Kadara 33?

It finish at Kadara 33 Kadara needs clean drinking water-streams and lakes are toxic and filled with sulfuric acid. Remnant technology could transform Kadara's water supply, but the monoliths around the planet must be activated to begin this process.

What is Kadara known for?

A mountainous world originally settled by the angara, Kadara is a haven for Nexus exiles and pirates. With its water now drinkable, Kadara is also home to an Initiative outpost, Ditaeon.

What is the outpost on Kadara?

The Andromeda Initiative's outpost on Kadara. A mountainous valley in the southern region. A valley north of Kadara Port. An angaran settlement that was under kett occupation. Taken over by the Nexus exiles, who slaughtered the kett, and now ruled by Sloane Kelly and her Outcasts .

Mass Effect Andromeda: Settling on Kadara – Sloane Kelly VS The Charlatan

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