Legolas kill count

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Legolas kill count

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Legolas Kill Count – YouTube

How many does Elven badass Legolas kill in the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit?The ladder and bat scenes were estimates…Like, Comment, and Subscribe for m…

Legolas tells Gimli that his final count is 42 Uruks. This would not have included the ladder of Uruks he toppled and would be referring to the direct kills. It is worth noting that Legolas probably killed many more than this amount in the movie and it is rather the amount he killed in the books, the scene just getting carried over to the Extended Edition.

LEGOLAS KILL COUNT – Auralnauts Arcade Edition

Official Site:

Legolas too OP. Peter Jackson please nerf. See below for rules.Buy the track: our work: …

From Auralnauts Arcade Entertainment comes the Legolas Kill Count, where they’ve mashed up footage from all six of Peter Jackson’s films from Middle Earth with classic arcade combat animations. The…

FAQ legolas kill count

Does the Oliphant count as one of Legolas'kills?

As does the Warg beast Legolas stole. ~The Oliphant still only counts as one. ~All on screen kills for each of them count even if they weren't keeping score at the time, Includes FOTR.

Who would win in a fight Gimli or Legolas?

In the books, at least at helms deep, Gimli actually wins. In the films Legolas wins by a landslide. There are many scenes where Legolas shoots Orcs with his bow before anyone else even starts fighting.

Are Legolas and Gimli both telling the truth?

~We assume they are both telling the truth when they make claims about their numbers, this includes their post battle exchanges and Gimli's shouting during combat. ~The twitching Orc Gimli is sitting on counts as his. As does the Warg beast Legolas stole.

Can Legolas shoot Orcs with his bow?

There are many scenes where Legolas shoots Orcs with his bow before anyone else even starts fighting. then when he gets to melee range he's pretty much a whirlwind of blades and death. I still think the Oliphaunt counts as more than one. Not sure Legolas needs the extra help in this competition though.

LEGOLAS KILL COUNT – Auralnauts Arcade Edition

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