Loud house lily and carlitos

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Loud house lily and carlitos

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Baby Lily v. Carlitos | Who is Louder? | The Loud House

The babies of the family can be so LOUD! Who is louder? Baby Lily and Carlitos are some of the cutest and loudest babies. Check out who is the loudest!#Compi…

Cuteness overload! Here are 25 cute and adorable moments from the best Loud House and Casagrandes babies, Lily and Carlitos! Subscribe for More of The Lo…

Carlitos Casagrande | The Loud House Encyclopedia

Official Site: https://theloudhouse.fandom.com/wiki/Carlitos_Casagrande

It’s a battle of the babies, Baby Lily vs Carlitos Casagrandes! Get ready to have your heart melted as we compare The Loud House’s and The Casagrandes’ baby …

Loud Family Lily. In "The Loudest Thanksgiving", Lily meets Carlitos for the first time, and Carlitos starts a food fight by throwing food at her. In the end of the episode, they are seen dancing …

FAQ loud house lily and carlitos

Who is Carlitos Casagrande in Loud House?

Carlitos Casagrande is a recurring character in The Loud House and a main character in The Casagrandes, who first appeared in " The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos ". Carlitos is the youngest son, as well as the youngest child of the Casagrande siblings.

What does Lily do in Welcome to the Loud House?

In Welcome to the Loud House, Lily plays with Lola's flowers. In " Live Life Loud! ", Lola demands Lily be locked up for hitting and swearing at her siblings. Lisa using Lily in one of her experiments. Lisa has a good friendship with her, as the both of them are roommates.

What is the relationship between Lily and Leni in Loud House?

In The Loud House (pilot), Lori is grossed out by Lily's dirty diaper. Leni talking with Lily. She and Leni have a good relationship, and after Luna and Lincoln, Leni seems to spend the most time with Lily.

What does Lily look like on the Louds?

As the youngest of the Loud siblings, Lily is very small, and usually just wore a white diaper in the first four seasons. She has one prominent tooth, and three strands of blonde hair on her head. As of season 4, she is now portrayed full-time with eyebrows, but in earlier seasons, she only had them when emoting with her eyes.

Baby Lily Vs. Carlitos: Who's The CUTEST!? | The Loud House

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