Nag panchami 2021 status

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Nag panchami 2021 status

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Happy Nag Panchami 2021 – Status, Wishes, Quotes

Nag Panchami 2021 is a beautiful & popular Hindu festival that is celebrated with great grandeur across India and Nepal. Nag Panchmi, also called Nag Chaturthi or Nagul Chavithi, is celebrated to worship the Nagas and the snake Gods. Worshipping Lord Bholenath, who holds serpents, is considered particularly auspicious on this day.

Panchami Tithi Ends – 01:42 PM on Aug 13, 2021 On Nag Panchami, women worship Nag Devta (serpent Gods) and offer milk to snakes on this day. Women also pray for the wellness of their brothers and family. It is believed that any Puja offered to snakes (as representative of serpents Gods) would reach to the serpent Gods.

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Happy Nag Panchami 2021 status On the auspicious day of Nag Panchami, here’s extending my warm greetings to one and all. Nag Panchami is an important day in the holy month of Shravan dedicated to Lord Shiva. And on this day, here’s hoping that the Gods shower you with all that you have dreamt of.

Nag Panchami Tithi begins at 03:24 PM on August 12, 2021. Nag Panchami Tithi ends at 01:42 PM on August 13, 2021. Nag Panchami Puja Muhurat – 06:07 AM to 08:38 AM on August 13, 2021.

FAQ nag panchami 2021 status

What is Nag Panchami 2021?

Nag Panchami 2021: It is a day to pray and offer ablutions to the Nag Devta or snake god, and is observed during the auspicious month of Sawan. Nag Panchami: This year, Nag Panchami is on August 13.

What is the Nag Panchami Puja muhurat date and time?

Nag Panchami Puja Muhurat is between 05:49 AM to 08:28 AM on Friday. Nag Panchami is celebrated on the Shukla Paksha Panchami during Sawan month. Nag Panchami 2021 date and time is provided below for reference: On Nag Panchami, women worship Nag Devta (serpent Gods) and offer milk to snakes on this day.

When is Naga Panchami 2018?

Nag Panchami Whatsapp Status Video – Nag Panchami is observed on the Fifth Day of the Shukal Paksh, or Lunar Period, in Sawan Month, according to the Hindu calendar. Hence, it is known as Naga Panchami. T his year, Nag Panchami will be celebrated on 2 nd August.

What is Nag Panchami and why is it celebrated?

Nag Panchami is a day devoted to the Nag Devta or the snake god in the Hindu tradition. Every year, this day is celebrated during the auspicious month of Sawan, according to the Hindu calendar. This year, Nag Panchami is on August 13.

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