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Neffex are you ok

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NEFFEX – "Are You Ok?" (Official Music Video) – YouTube

Listen to "Are You Ok?" – song is NOT copyright-free to use in your content, but we have 150+ copyright-free songs you …

– NEFFEX – Are You Ok? Available here: Follow NEFFEXFacebook – – https://…

NEFFEX – Are You Ok? Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

Official Site:

Then you’re gonna go ask if I am okay (Yeah) [Verse 1: NEFFEX] I can’t go away, all these thoughts and my heart won’t let me sleep I think about you and the times we keep, all tangled up in our…

[NEFFEX:] Are you okay? Please stop askin’ if I’m okay I’m not alright, ha no way, I’ll just save that shit for another day I ain’t playing girl, and that shit all around needs some changing world it’s all up in flames to the pavement girl, it got me so sick I’m about to hurl All I can change is me, so I try to do it so gracefully

FAQ neffex are you ok

What is the duration of NEFFEX are you OK?

Listen to NEFFEX Are You Ok? MP3 song. Are You Ok? song from the album Are You Ok? is released on Apr 2021. The duration of song is 02:15.

What does NEFFEX mean?

Neffex (stylized as NEFFEX) is an American music project composed of Bryce Savage (born Brandon Horth) and Cameron Wales. They produce remixes and original songs characterized by a mixture of approximately every genre of music. Savage writes lyrics and sings whereas Wales creates the instrumental and does the editing.

Did NEFFEX release 100 songs in 100 weeks?

"After self-releasing 100 songs in 100 weeks, Southern California duo Neffex readies its debut EP". Daily News. Archived from the original on October 26, 2019. Retrieved October 26, 2019. ^ Thomson, Zangba (August 2, 2019).

How did Savage and Wales come up with the name NEFFEX?

When Savage was in the last year of college, he talked to Wales and they noticed both were making music in their free time. After college, they got together again, in Orange County, and created the name "NEFFEX" and the fox symbol. In 2017, the duo set up a challenge for releasing 100 songs in 100 weeks.

NEFFEX – "Are You Ok?" (Official Lyric Video)

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NeffexNeffex is an American music project by Bryce Sa…