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Is Nobita in love with Shizuka?

This was seen in a movie “Doraemon: Nobita’s Three Visionary Swordsmen”, where Shizuka dreamed she was Princess Shizuka, married Nobita, and the person whom she dreamed of turned out was Silver Knight Nobitania. Nobita never tells his feelings to Shizuka and neither did Shizuka was shown doing the same to him.

How did Nobita get rid of Shizuka’s clone?

Shizuka’s clone was grabbing Shizuka’s arm and forcing her to buy an inappropriate t-shirt. Nobita saw this and told Shizuka to make her clone disappear with the gadget he gave her to borrow for some time. Shizuka took out the gadget and her clone snatched it but it fell on the ground and Nobita retrieved it.

What does Shizuka do to save Nobita from his teacher?

Shizuka nearly ran away until Nobita’s cry for help urges her to resist the aura in order to save Nobita by taking him down the stairs and pushing him in the bathtub so that the aura gets removed. Then she lectures Nobita for letting the teacher’s scolding get him down and stating how worried she was about him, which causes him to bounce back.

What episode does Nobita appear as an adult?

Nobita Nobi as an adult only appears from the episodes that happened around the future. One of the episodes that Nobita visited the past to see his past self and Doraemon. 1979 (Original): The very original version of Adult Nobita from the 2005 version.

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