Paladins hammer terraria

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Paladins hammer terraria

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Paladin’s Hammer – Terraria Wiki

Paladin’s Hammer is a Hardmode, post-Plantera boomerang with high velocity and knockback but low range. It has a 6.67*1/15 (6.67%) / 9.78*22/225 (9.78%) chance to be dropped from Paladins in post-Plantera Dungeon areas with Brick background walls. Its best modifier is Godly or Demonic. Both modifiers increase t…

Stop! Hammer Time! • “Obtain your first hammer via crafting or otherwise.” Obtain a Hammer. Robbing the Grave • “Obtain a rare treasure from a difficult monster in the dungeon.” Obtain a r…

Paladin’s Hammer – The Official Terraria Wiki

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FAQ paladins hammer terraria

How do you get the Paladin's hammer in terraria?

The Paladin's Hammer is a very fast boomerang-type thrown weapon. It is dropped by the Paladin mini-boss found in the Hard Mode Dungeon after defeating Plantera. Only one Hammer can be thrown at a time. When it hits an object or goes its maximum distance the hammer will return.

What are the differences between the Paladin's hammer and fallen paladin’s hammer?

Unlike the Paladin's Hammer, the Fallen Paladin's Hammer can pass through walls unhindered. Its best modifier is Godly. It cannot get modifiers that affect size.

Where can I find Paladins?

The Paladin is a rare, resilient Hardmode enemy who spawns in the Dungeon after Plantera has been defeated. It is immune to knockback and attacks by rapidly throwing hammer projectiles which can pass through blocks and inflict extreme damage. Paladins are most likely to spawn in Dungeon areas made of Dungeon Brick Walls.

How do you get the Paladin in Hard mode?

The Paladin is a miniboss that spawns in the Hard Mode Dungeon after Plantera has been defeated. The Paladin throws hammers at the player from a distance. Hammers pass through walls and can easily kill a player in 4-5 hits, so good gear is highly recommended for those looking to farm his drops.

Terraria 1.4 – Paladin's Hammer vs ALL Bosses (Expert Mode)

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