Polish gun laws

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Polish gun laws

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Gun laws in Poland – Wikipedia

Second Polish Republic On 25 January 1919 Józef Piłsudski acting as the Head of state of the newly re-established Poland, issued a decree that become the first Polish law dealing with firearm ownership, however laws enacted previously during Partitions of Poland were still in power in some parts of the

Polish law allows modern firearms ownership under Police-issued permit for people who can provide an important reason. Hunting, sport shooting and collection are the most popular reasons and require membership

Gun laws in Poland

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FAQ polish gun laws

What is the history of gun laws in Poland?

Recent history of Polish gun laws: 1 1999: First law dealing with firearms passed after fall of communism allows possession on may-issue basis. 2 2001: Some air guns were allowed without permit. 3 2003: Replicas of pre-1850 firearms were allowed without permit. 4 2011: Licensing procedures changed to shall-issue. ... More items...

Can I bring my gun to Poland?

Please remember to register your gun within 5 days of your purchase. Foreigners who have obtained gun licences in countries other than Poland will not find it easy to bring their guns to the country. You need a special permit issued by a Polish consulate abroad to import your firearms into Poland.

What is Article 22 of the Polish law on weapons?

Poland. 1999. ‘Article 22: Disposal of Illicit Firearms.’ Law on Arms and Ammunition 1999. Warsaw: Poland, 21 May. (Q15062) Full Citation 142. Poland. 2006. ‘Marking of Weapons.’

Can you get a Polish gun licence with a criminal record?

Polish gun law states that nobody with a criminal record can obtain a licence, and, while mistakes are sometimes made in the issuing or revocation of licences, Andrzej B. is known to have had convictions for drug, assault and theft offences.

What are the gun laws in Poland? | The Poland Experience

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