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Rapunzel and Flynn’s Best Moments | Disney Princess

She’s got the magic glowing hair. He’s got the smolder. Together they make a great team.Here are some of Rapunzel and Flynn’s best moments!A Little Disney Hi…

Flynn rowed Rapunzel out to view the floating lights, which were actually lanterns! Flynn gave Rapunzel her own lantern to send into the night, and she returned the crown. Then the couple gazed into each other’s eyes. They were falling in love. Later, Flynn and Rapunzel were separated.

Flynn Rider | Disney Wiki | Fandom

Official Site: https://disney.fandom.com/wiki/Flynn_Rider

How did Rapunzel end up with a person in her closet? And who is the mysterious Flynn Rider?SUBSCRIBE to get notified when new Disney Princess videos are post…

Rapunzel escapes the tavern with Flynn through a secret passageway. The two of them break into a run through the tunnel that leads them to a wooden dam, where they find themselves surrounded by people who don’t like Flynn. Flynn and …

FAQ rapunzel flynn

Who is Flynn in Rapunzel?

Loosely based on the prince in the Brothers Grimm fairy tale " Rapunzel ", Flynn is a wanted thief who seeks refuge in Rapunzel 's tower after stealing a crown.

What is the age difference between Flynn Rider and Rapunzel?

If we agree that Flynn is 24 and Rapunzel turns 18. So the age difference between Flynn Rider and Rapunzel in the first movie is 6 years. In Tangled Ever After, Flynn and Rapunzel get married. The movie was made approximately 2 years after the original full-length movie.

Do Rapunzel and Flynn kiss in the end?

When Rapunzel is held hostage by Mother Gothel, Eugene comes to her rescue by cutting her hair, but sacrifices himself in the process. Heartbroken, Rapunzel cries over Flynn's dead body but revives him with her tears and they finally share their first kiss. By the end of the movie, Rapunzel and Flynn are living happily ever after.

Did Flynn bring Rapunzel back to the castle?

Without the magic, Mother Gothel quickly aged and turned to dust. Rapunzel was now free, but Flynn was dying. “You were my new dream,” he whispered. One of Rapunzel’s tears fell on Flynn and began to glow... and healed him! Flynn brought Rapunzel back to the castle.

Rapunzel and Eugene scenes

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