Spike’s spouting sands

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Spike's spouting sands

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Spike’s Spouting Sands – Super Mario Wiki

The ground path leads to the star coin, guarded by two Spikes. use the blocks they stand on to give you a boost to your first star coin. advertisement. Star Coin 2 – After the first star coin, you …

Write the first paragraph of your page here. New Super Mario Bros U/New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe World: Layer-Cake Desert Previous: Stoneslide Tower Next: Blooming Lakitus, Piranha Plants on Ice Time Limit: 500 Seconds

Layer-Cake Desert-4 Spike’s Spouting Sands – IGN

Official Site: https://www.ign.com/wikis/new-super-mario-bros-u/Layer-Cake_Desert-4_Spike%27s_Spouting_Sands

http://www.GameXplain.comWe’ll show you how to find all 3 Star Coins and the secret exit in Layer Cake Desert – Spike’s Spouting Sands!• Follow GameXplain on…

Spike’s Spouting Sands Show Super Mario Bros. U Boss Tolstar Number of Battles 4 Required Charcters to Use None Chapter Layer-Cake Desert S pike’s Spouting Sands is a special chapter. Plot To be added… Battles 10 Koopa Troopas (First Battle) 10 Koopa Paratroopas (Second Battle) 10 Spikes (Third Battle) Tolstar (Boss) Unlocked Characters to Free

Layer Cake Desert 4 Spike's Spouting Sands Star coins

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