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Outbound IDocs remain in status 30 – Community Wiki

Outbound IDocs remain in status 30. Skip to end of metadata. Created by Former Member on Nov 26, 2012; Go to start of metadata. Purpose . This wiki will explain how to avoid the situation where outbound idocs remain in status 30. Overview. You try to send idocs to another system using the "Transfer Idoc immed." option in WE20 but they just hang in status 30 (Idoc …

Status+ Digital Appointment System. Click to Call with Google Transcription. Just a click of a button is all it takes to connect, record, and transcribe all inbound and outbound calls. Voice recognition flags potential negative calls. Direct Connect/Smart Routing Feature.

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Service statistics are updated every 30 seconds. Web Servers. Web services are the front-end of the operation. The main website needs to be online to serve content to end users, and the API must be online for on-site features, third-party tools, and services to function properly. Service Description Status Load Time; Ingest Servers. The ingest servers are relatively stable creatures. …

Clinitek Status+ Connect Self-Study Packet Revised 04/2019 . … Powering down the analyzer and waiting 30 seconds before restarting typically resolves this issue. Results can be resent using the Result Recall function. Clinitek Status+ Connect Self-Study Packet Revised 04/2019 …

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