Subnautica below zero coral sample

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Subnautica below zero coral sample

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Table Coral Sample (Below Zero) | Subnautica Wiki | Fandom

The Table Coral Sample is a raw material that can be harvested from Table Corals. Together with Copper Wire and Gold, they are used to manufacture the Computer Chip. This makes the Table Coral Sample a key-component to harvest early on in the game. They cannot be harvested by hand, the player has to use their Survival Knife in order to cut the Table Corals, causing the …

Finding Table Coral Samples in Subnautica: Below Zero Table Coral Samples are needed fairly early on in Below Zero, as they’re a key ingredient in making computer chips, which are needed for crafting the advanced wiring kit, mobile …

Subnautica Below Zero: Where To Find Table Coral

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Key Crafting with Coral Below Zero Delta Island Satelite and Honeycomb Bushes Outside of basic, survival-based crafting, Table Coral now holds a key part in the game’s plotline. Two unique items known as the Parallel Processing Unit and Test Override Module were added to the game.

How to get Table Coral Sample Subnautica Below Zero video. You can see here where to find Table Coral Sample. You will need a knife to harvest Table Coral Sa…

FAQ subnautica below zero coral sample

Where can I find coral In Subnautica Below Zero?

Table Coral in Subnautica Below Zero can be found in the Lilypad Islands and Twisty Bridges biomes. Look for a pulsating blue, green, red, or purple coral growing out of cliff walls or up from the sea floor.

What is table coral In Subnautica?

Table Coral is a harvestable coral species in Subnautica: Below Zero that comes in different colors. Players can cut Table Coral with a Survival Knife or Thermoblade. This provides them with a Table Coral Sample. These are crucial raw materials to harvest early on in the game. These disk-shaped corals can either be red, green, blue, or purple.

Is there a Subnautica Below Zero?

Subnautica: Below Zero is the sequel game to the indie survival hit, Subnautica. Players take on the role of Robin Ayou, returning once more to planet 4546b to discover the circumstances around her sister's death.

Where can I find table coral samples?

Table Coral Samples are used to build the Scanner Room in the Habitat Builder. There are two main biomes in which Table Coral can be found: Be sure to bring a Survival Knife or Thermoblade. Twisty Bridges is probably the most accessible location to find Table Coral between the two Biomes.


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