The pretender movie rocky

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The pretender movie rocky

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The Pretender (2019) – IMDb

The Pretender. (128) 7.7 56min 2019 7+. When Mike Kunda saw the movie Rocky at age 11, his life was changed forever. What started out as fandom lead an obsession – one that 40 years later continues to shape his life in ways that he could never have imagined.

Mike Kunda is the world’s #1 Rocky fan, he has spent the last 40 years of his life focusing on every aspect of the Rocky films and on his fictional hero Rocky Balboa. This film documents Mike’s life as he struggles to find meaning in his Rocky obsession and become the person he really wants to be.

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Mike Kunda’s life was changed forever when he saw the movie "ROCKY" at age 11. Almost 40 years later Mike’s fascination with the Rocky character continues to…

2019 the Pretender Movie LLC. Languages Primary English (United States) (AAC, CC) Accessibility Closed captions (CC) refer to subtitles in the available language with the addition of relevant non-dialogue information.

FAQ the pretender movie rocky

What is the movie The Pretender about?

The Pretender. A specially gifted man, with the ability to instantly master any skill, escapes from a secret testing facility and travels the country taking on different jobs and helping strangers while hiding from his kidnappers.

Is the movie Rocky based on a true story?

The film does an excellent job of showing the real life struggles that Mike Kunda deals with day after day. A supportive wife, parents and brother provide insight and stories about Mike and how the movie Rocky, which Mike first saw at age 11, had a lasting impact on him and his entire life.

How many pretenders movies are there?

There were four Pretenders movies planned, but because of bad ratings only two were produced. Jarod incorrectly mentions the code used by the Chameleon was Apache. It was actually Navajo. Mr. Lyle: Stay out of it. Miss Parker: Love to.

What is the rating of the movie Rocky?

HelpfulReport abuse STEVENReviewed in the United States on January 26, 2020 5.0 out of 5 stars Rocky 1076 Verified purchase Outstanding story of a man named mike Kunda who decides to use his personal time And private life to keep alive the Rocky films That have affected the world in a positive the way he does this after years of thinking

Philadelphia's Rocky impersonator Saves The Rocky Steps

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