Torn treasure map 2

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Torn treasure map 2

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Torn Treasure Maps – Red Dead Redemption 2 Wiki …

To collect and use the Torn Treasure Maps in RDR2 you will have to find and kill two unique Hermits, both of which can be found within the world of Red Dead Redemption II. Each one contains one…

The second RDR2 Torn Treasure Map location is all the way west. It’s a tiny little shack in the far northeast of West Elizabeth. Basically, what you …

How To Solve The Torn Treasure Map In Red Dead Redemption 2

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Torn Treasure Map Red In Dead Redemption 2 The torn treasure map will be found in two separate pieces, in locations that are quite a distance apart. The reward for solving it is Otis Miller’s…

Torn Treasure Map 2 This map is with a lady Hermit who resides in a home located on the western end of the map, northwest of Wallace Station. Follow Little Creek River into the mountains until you…

FAQ torn treasure map 2

What is the torn treasure map in Red Dead Redemption 2?

The Torn treasure map is one such piece of parchment in Red Dead Redemption 2 that can guide you to a treasure after you have mended it. This guide covers the location of the map and the treasure.

Where can I find the left part of the torn map?

The left part of the Torn treasure map can be found in a small drawer in the Manito Glade hut. The following picture shows you the exact location: Watch out for the crazy hermit who lives in the hut.

What is the Torn Maps treasure hunt in Fortnite?

Unlike other treasure hunts, such as the Poisonous Trail treasure hunt and the Jack Hall Gang treasure hunt, the Torn Maps hunt is not recommended for players who have just started the story, as one of the two maps is found in West Elizabeth in the southern part of the map.

Where can I find the first half of the treasure map?

The first half of the treasure map can be found in a small shack in the northeast part of West Elizabeth. It is located near the northern-most point Little Creek River, as marked on the map below. The shack itself will sport a 'beware dogs' sign and have some clothes hanging outside it.

BOTH TORN TREASURE MAP LOCATIONS – Red Dead Redemption 2 – Unique Collectible 616 AND 617 HIDDEN MAP

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