Tortle spore druid

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Tortle spore druid

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Spore Druid Tortle Build – YouTube

This is my build for a donation to Amnesty International. I was given a set of build restrictions to work around, though it meant few changes to the actual…

The tortle withdraws into its shell. Until it emerges, it gains a +4 bonus to AC and has advantage on Strength and Constitution saving throws.

Tortle Circle of Spores Druid – Build Discussion : 3d6 – reddit

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Tortle spore Druid eh? Fighter 1 for con saves Spore Druid X – pick up Pole Arm Master, grab shillelagh and Magic stones and go to town. You’re basically wielding a Wis Greatsword with spores up. If you can get a strixhaven background you can get booming blade or green flame blade on the turns you use your bonus action for something else.

Circle of Spores Druids have constant access to some useful magic does not count against the number of spells that can be prepared each day. These spells include Chill Touch, Bindness/Deafness, Gentle Repose, Animate Dead, Gaseous Form, Blight, Contagion, Confusion and Cloudkill.

FAQ tortle spore druid

What does a tortle Druid do in circle of spores?

A tortle druid Circle of Spores uses the Wild Shape feature to fuse with a fungal spore cloud. This spore cloud is at the center of my abilities, creating a necrotic area that damages enemies around me and creates other zombie effects. That’s right, this druid is dipping into necromancy.

What is the difference between circle of spores Druids and WIS Druids?

WIS influences a Druid's spellcasting ability and contributes to the important skills that aid them in their work, like Animal Handling, Survival, Insight and Perception. While Circle of Spores Druids rely on their natural magical abilities, they are no strangers to melee combat.

What did the Druid say to herself when she exhaled spores?

The freshly grown mushrooms all exhaled a cloud of fluffy spores, and the druid stood with a grunt and giggled. “This’ll be a Golgari neighborhood soon ‘nuff!” she said to herself. “Go on li’l spores, let’s grow wild! ”

How can I increase my power as a circle of spores Druid?

Once you’ve improved your Wisdom score to 18 or 20, you can increase your power with a few useful feats. The following feats are good picks for Circle of Spores druids, and will improve your reliability in your own desired area of expertise:

Spore Druid Tortle Build

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