Why does gojo wear a mask

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Why does gojo wear a mask

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Why Does Gojo Wear a Blindfold on ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’?

So, why does Gojo wear a mask? Gojo needs to cover his eyes because using them would tire him out too quickly. He’s got something called Six Eyes, which has been passed down in his family’s bloodline. This is a rare type of ocular jujutsu.

His eyes simply get tired, because this technique is not something he can actually control – it is inherent to his eyes and he cannot simply shut it off. This is why he chooses to cover his eyes, as otherwise, he would get tired very quickly. How does Gojo see? Can Gojo see through his mask? Gojo is able to see normally; his vision is intact.

The Real Reason Satoru Gojo Wears A Blindfold In Jujutsu …

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As series creator Gege Akutami explained in the " Jujutsu Kaisen Official Fanbook ," Gojo really wears the blindfold out of necessity even though he can still see with it. Via a translation of the…

By using a blindfold, or black sunglasses, the protagonist is able to deafen much of the ability’s power and intensity. Either way, Satoru is able to sense everything, even beyond the blindfold …

FAQ why does gojo wear a mask

Why does Gojo have to cover his eyes?

Gojo needs to cover his eyes because using them would tire him out too quickly. He's got something called Six Eyes, which has been passed down in his family's bloodline. This is a rare type of ocular jujutsu. That and something called Limitless, which was also passed down, make him the strongest sorcerer in the series's universe.

Why does Shoji wear a mask in my Hero Academia?

The reason Shoji wears a mask inMy Hero Academia is not confirmed. . . . he has a slightly elongated face, his eyes set more towards the sides, the majority of which, for some reason, he has always kept hidden by a blue mask, which covers him from just below his eyes to the base of his neck.

Why does Gojo wear a blindfold in Jujutsu Kaisen?

In the Jujutsu Kaisen Official Fanbook, Akutami went into detail about how the creator believes that Gojo is able to operate normally with a blindfold wrapped around his eyes for the majority of the time in the series, only taking it off to fully access the cursed energy flowing through his body:

Why is Gojo Uzumaki so mysterious?

One of the reasons Gojo is so mysterious is because he's almost always covering his eyes with a mask. People who keep up with the series know that no one else does this and he almost never takes it off.

Why Does GOJO Wear A Blindfold? | Jujutsu Kaisen 146

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